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Support the artist! Watch the full poem: Javon Johnson - “cuz he’s black”

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Artist on tumblr - @Caitlin Hackett is an illustrator and creature concept designer based out of Oakland CA.

I create work that reflects both my passion for the natural world, and my sorrow over its destruction. I am fascinated by the fragile boundary that separates humans from animals, and the way that boundary is transformed and illuminated in mythology, religious symbolism and fairy tales alike throughout different cultures around the world. I have art available for sale at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com


I love this. All the third eyes and mirror imagery. Your artwork is beautiful.

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in honor of Harry Potter’s birthday, my favorite bipolar owl

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new monarch vase

by me

this collection is so gorgeous .. it is everything I love and look for insects and art nouveau. Shame I’m so broke.

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